Melamin Handpad Thick

Product Code: MHP250GW

Category: Melamine Systems

Compressed with green pad.
Easily removes dirt from smooth surfaces – without the addition of chemical cleaning agents!
Not suitable for sensitive and coated surfaces.

Melamine resin foam works in a similar way to an eraser. Extremely sharp-edged special resin particles in ARPAD MELAMIN dirt removers break up the dirt, supported by rubbing motion, and absorb it. This means that even the finest and most stubborn dirt can be removed from the pores. The ARPAD MELAMIN dirt remover consists of 100 % original melamine resin foam type Basotect ® V31012 white from BASF.

In combination with a hand pad holder.

In the house: Plastic and aluminium, window sills, glass surfaces, mirrors, greyed/yellowed plastics, dirty streaks and stains on PVC, linoleum and fine stone floors, light switches, garden furniture, tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, tarnished metals and shoe marks In the office: Printing and stamping ink, permanent marker (Edding), pencil, yellowing of tables/chairs/cabinets and plastic surfaces of electrical enclosures, desk tops, metals, leather covers, radiators, blinds, shutters, sports shoes, ballpoint pens
In the kitchen: Plastic, enamel, silver, chrome, aluminium, ceramics, glass ceramic hobs, stubborn tea and coffee stains, cooker bonnets and stainless steel surfaces
In the car: Nicotine traces and tea stains on plastic trim, plastic parts in the interior, sticky dirt, cleaning of trims, hubcaps, brake dust from unpainted aluminium rims


Size 9.84 x 4.33 x 0.79 Inch (25 x 11 x 2 cm)

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