Multi - Shine Microfiber Dish Towel

Product Code: AGS5060

Category: Microfiber Cloths

For a lint-free and grease-absorbing cleaning on all smooth surfaces. Universally usable.

  • Double stitched edge protection with additional quality and bristle strips
  • Maximum absorption power of dirt and water
  • Consists of a very fine and easy-care fabric

The cloth consists of a very fine and easy-care fabric and has an above-average service life. Cleans ideally, lint-free and grease absorbing all smooth surfaces.

Further properties:

  • Double stitched edge protection and additional quality edging tape
  • Cost and time savings compared to conventional cleaning cloths
  • Maximum absorption force of dirt and water

Can be used both dry and wet.

For drying and cleaning dishes.

A washing temperature of 140°F (60°C) is recommended. A maximum washing temperature of 190°F (90°C) should not be exceeded. The use of fabric softeners and bleaching agents should be avoided. In general, it is recommended to wash only one type.


Yarn Blend 100% microfiber
Weight ca. 50 g/cloth
Size 19.7 x 23.6 Inch (50 x 60 cm)
Color Blue