Future PU-Mop

Product Code: FFC40TU | FFC50TU

Category: Microfiber Mop

The mop with unique gliding ability! W-WEAVING EASY GLIDER TECHNOLOGY

  • Wipes the “8” almost by itself
  • High employee acceptance
  • Guaranteed fatigue-free work
  • So far unattainable high area performance up to 430 sq ft (40 m²).
  • The interrupted weave ensures ideal dirt pick-up and cleaning performance
  • PU-reinforced back -> high durability

The FUTURE PU-MOPP guarantees optimum cleaning results on all elastic floors and hard floor coverings without much effort. With this smooth motion sensation, a previously unattainable high area performance of up to 430 sq ft (40 m²) can be achieved. The special weaving technique W-WEAVING EASY GLIDER TECHNOLOGY enables fatigue-free working. This new technology reinvents the wiping of an "8". In addition to its perfect gliding properties, the FUTURE PU MOPP convinces with optimum dirt absorption and cleaning performance due to the interrupted weave (plus-minus effect).
The PU-reinforced back ensures a long durability. The improved ergonomics gained through this wipe cover achieve a high level of employee acceptance and facilitate the daily work of the cleaning personnel.

Can be used both dry and wet on smooth, coated and uncoated floor coverings.
Also ideal for preparation.

Ideal for the maintenance cleaning of elastic and hard floors. Particularly suitable for use in the health sector, building cleaning, inclinics, retirement and nursing homes, hotels, industrial laundries and public facilities.

A washing temperature of 140°F (60°C) is recommended. A maximum washing temperature of 190°F (90°C) should not be exceeded. The use of fabric softeners and bleaching agents should be avoided. In general, it is recommended to wash only seperatly.
Drying: The maximum temperature of 176°F (80°C) should not be exceeded.


Yarn Blend 80% super-microfiber | 20% springy bristle
Weight 15.75 Inch (40 cm) approx. 3.28 oz. (93 g) | 19.7 Inch (50 cm) approx. 4.02 oz. (114 g)
Size 15.75 Inch (40 cm) | 19.7 Inch (50 cm)

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