Copper Cloth Large

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Cement veil, lime stone, adhesive residues, paint residues and silicones?
No problem for the ARCORA COPPER SYSTEM.
The copper products ensure a gentle cleaning of pots, sinks, fittings, pans, enamel, glasses, mirrors, ceramic hobs, stainless steels and not painted metal parts. Also rust on cutlery can be removed.

  • Only water is needed for cleaning
  • Scratch-free application
  • Reusable multiple times

The ARCORA copper systems are suitable for the maintenance cleaning of any surfaces.
Especially for uses in public institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and office buildings.

Copper has a Mohs hardness of 2.5 - 3 and is therefore one of the soft metals. The fine copper threads gently remove even stubborn dirt and are therefore particularly suitable for the gentle cleaning of pots, pans, sinks, ceramic hobs, glass, stainless steel, etc.
Copper is also excellently suited for removing rust from cutlery.
Ideal for all shiny parts on bicycles and motorcycles and for windows as well as for all unpainted metal parts in cars.

Further features:

  • Reduction of working time and personnel costs
  • Only water and little chemicals are needed for cleaning
  • Gentle cleaning of pots, pans, enamels, ceramic hobs, chrome and rust on cutlery
  • Also removes cement residue, lime, adhesive residues and silicones
  • Scratch-free applicable on glass (windows) and non-lacqueredsurfaces
  • Reusable several times, washable at 140°F (60°C)

It is important that sufficient water is always used when cleaning with copper, as it does not scratch when wet. Test on an inconspicous spot before using for the first time. Do not use on Teflon or surfaces similar to Teflon.

For maintenance cleaning of all surfaces.
Particularly suitable for use in public facilities, hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, airports, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, restaurants and office buildings.

ATTENTION: Use always enough water at the usage of copper, because only in wet condition it leaves no scratches on surfaces. Check the surface for suitability at an unobtrusive point
DO NOT USE copper system on teflon or teflon-like surfaces The ARCORA copper products can be reused several times.

A washing temperature of 140°F (60°C) is recommended. The copper products should always be washed in a washing net. The use of fabric softeners and bleaching agents should be avoided. In general, it is recommended to wash only one type of laundry


Size 6.3 x 7.48 inch (16 x 19 cm)
Weight appx. 25 g/cloth

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