PU-PAD Sponge

Product Code: PU15070

Category: Sponge

The sponge is ideal for use in the kitchen area.

  • For removing stubborn dirt
  • Especially robust and high water absorption
  • Other sponge colours on request!

The PU-SPONGE is ideal for use in the kitchen area. For damp and wet cleaning of insensitive surfaces such as pots, pans, cast iron pans, roasting trays, metal containers and even tiles. Particularly suitable for use in HoReCa facilities such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, catering and party services, office buildings, airports, shopping centres and clinics.

  • Very robust
  • High water absorption
  • Effortlessly removes stubborn dirt

Use the pad side to remove stubborn dirt and the sponge wipe side to absorb water and dirt.


Size 5.9 x 2.8 x 1.8 Inch (150 x 70 x 45 mm)
Color Blue | Green | Yellow | Rose

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